Urgha Loom Shed was set up in 2013 after I made the move from a hectic city life in the Northwest of England, to the slow pace of the Isle of Harris, an Island in the far North West of Scotland.
 I work mostly with wool, drawing inspiration from the passing seasons.  Each one rewarding me with changes in light, as weather works upon the land, sea and sky that surrounds me. While the ancient landscape here may remain unmoving, their subtlety of colour and texture ebbs and flows as the year goes by. 
I hope to reflect this unique place, drawing upon my life here as I develop my work through the use of traditional hand-made techniques, in keeping with gentle, contemporary twists. Here, far from the noise of the city, I continue my journey, creating textiles and homewares I hope will quietly inspire you also.
 Joanne - Urgha Loom Shed